Top tips on how to make your school relationships last longer

Falling in love for the first time and having relationships at school is one of the most memorable moments for millions of people. What can be sweeter than a first kiss, going for a date, and hanging out with your mutual friends? That is why lots of young guys and ladies want their relationships last longer. If you are one of these lucky beggars, who found love at school, we are here to help you make your feelings stronger. Just follow these easy relationship tips and enjoy these results.

Love yourself

Although it might look odd from the first glance, serious and long-lasting relationships are created only by confident people with high self-esteem. This means, to love someone you will need to love yourself first. Many students often confuse true love with dependency or passion. True love is about having a happy relationship. Dating someone just for looking cool or boosting your status at school has nothing in common with love. In case you feel unhappy in any relationship, it is better to solve the problems or break up. Your happiness is always the highest priority.


Having common interests is one of the most important things for many happy couples. This means you might have a common hobby or listen to the same kind of music. Both of you might be fans of a particular rock star or other celebrity. Anyway, you need to have something in common. This trick will help you to have a wider number of topics for discussion and can easily make you closer.

Learn hard

In case you want to stay together after school, it might be a great idea to go to the same college. You might choose completely different areas of studies but live on the same campus. However, being enrolled in college or university requires plenty of effort. Both of you will need to learn a lot to pass the exams. Books are your best friends to achieve your educational and relationship goals.

Don’t cheat and lie

In case you would like to make your relationship last longer, you will surely need to be sincere and open-hearted. Dating several people simultaneously is always a wrong strategy for creating happy relationships. In case you would like to try dating someone else, there is no reason to continue your current relationships. True love is about dating the one and only person.
Avoid sticking to social media and messengers
Online communication is surely great. However, real-life communication is much better. You might be chatting with your sweetheart for hours but having a real date is still much more preferable.
It is also important to avoid toxic relationships and always respect yourself. Feeling disappointed with dating your crush? It is better to try solving the problems or break up. There are lots of dating services that will help you to find the person of your dreams within the shortest terms. By the way, don’t forget to read the reviews before picking up a matchmaking service. For example, ashley madison review will give you all the required information about how to use the platform successfully.

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