FAQ / After School Program

Carrillo’s Extended Day Program

Contact person: Yolanda Mesa @ 225-1200

Extended Day is a low-cost after school program for Carrillo students.  Some of the enrichment activities offered are Kinder Club, Sports and Games, Art, Music, Computer Technology, Las Posadas, Success Maker, Mariachi, Dance and Homework Help.  A healthy snack is provided free of charge.

Flyers with the enrichment classes offered for that quarter  will be sent out one week before the start of the quarter. Students will sign up  for one class. An activity bus is available at 4 o’clock if transportation is necessary.  If you will  be providing transportation, students need to be picked up between 4:10 and 4:30.

There is no Extended Day on Wednesdays and students will need  to be picked up at 1:45.  There is also no Extended Day the day before a holiday.  Please arrange to pick up your son or daughter at 2:45 on those days.

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